Alpakarnia P&M
Szyszyńskie Holendry 2
62-561 Ślesin, POLAND
tel./fax +48 63 27 05 327
tel.kom. +48 693 067 586

Alpakarnia P&M has a wide scope of activity. It is both agronomic as well as production-commercial company. It all began in the 1980s when, up to the 90s, we used to be engaged in champignon production. The early 90s are the time of poultry breeding and slaughter, all due to economic and market changes. As a result, distribution and widening activity for wholesale and retail trade of groceries, meat and cold meats. In the late 90s, the company comes back to champignon production aimed at Western markets.

The owner of the company, Piotr Pietrzykowski, the educated and ardent gardener, started exotic floriculture of cactuses, succulents, palm trees, yuccas, etc. The plants are cropped on their own parent material as well as their own soil formerly used for champignon production.

Since December 2005 the company has engaged in the professional breeding of alpaca. The idea was very spontaneous. There were to be small Polish horses bred at first, to serve agrotourism. While searching for the horses, the company came across alpacas. From the very first moment, we knew we would have them on our farm.

Alpakarnia P&M is the first alpaca breeder in Poland. All animals from our herd come from Chile. The current breeding contains of around 70 animals, and we have managed to rear our own firstling.